Our Legacy

Our Legacy



The history of Millennium begins with the late Henry Jackson's journey from a humble background to becoming a prominent entrepreneur and visionary which is truly inspiring. The roots of the Millennium Steel joint venture date back 23 years to a meeting between Toyota and Henry Jackson. Mr. Jackson was then president and CEO of Jackson Plastics Inc., a plastic injection molder in Nicholasville, Ky., and a Tier I and II supplier to Toyota, as well as other auto and appliance makers. This resulted in a Minority Owned Joint Venture with Toyota Tsusho America Inc. called Millennium Steel Service. His dedication, hard work, and achievements in overcoming challenges, especially the glass ceiling for African Americans in Corporate America, highlight his resilience and determination. 

Mr. Jackson's impressive educational background, with a Bachelor of Science and Commerce from DePaul University and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, laid the foundation for his successful career. His experience in various senior executive roles, both domestically and internationally, contributed to his wealth of knowledge in the manufacturing sector.   

The formation of Millennium Steel and its later success in the steel industry, including another joint venture with Toyota Tsusho America Inc., reflects Jackson's strategic vision and ability to form impactful partnerships. Millennium Steel's role as a Tier 1 Raw Material supplier to Toyota, ensuring exacting standards of quality, delivery, and service, proves the company's commitment to excellence. 

The expansion into Millennium Steel of Texas, LP, and its involvement in blanking operations for the Toyota Texas plant further solidifies the Jackson family’s influence in the steel industry. Henry Jackson's leadership, commitment to diversity, and strategic expansion into joint ventures have been instrumental in the company's achievements. The recognition in the BE100 Top Black Owned Businesses and the distinction as the largest Minority-Owned Enterprise in the San Antonio and Southern Indiana regions underscore Millennium Steel's impact on both the local and national business landscape. 

Henry Jackson's legacy extends beyond business success, encompassing community impact, mentorship, a dedication to fostering opportunities for others, and the passing on of core purpose through generations. 

Henry Jackson's "bottom-up" approach reflects a commitment to fostering talent and ensuring a durable foundation for future leadership. The emphasis on hard work and dedication aligns with the core values that have contributed to the company's success.  

Overall, Millennium Steel's story is a compelling example of how a combination of visionary leadership, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to an envisioned future can drive significant growth and impact in the business world.