President and Chairwoman

Andrea M. Jackson's extensive experience, leadership, and vision in the business world are truly remarkable. As Chairwoman and CEO of Jackson Enterprises, she has played a pivotal role in establishing the organization as a pillar among minority business enterprises. Working alongside her late husband Henry Jackson, Andrea has been instrumental in shaping the organization's success and impact across multiple industries.

The creation of Millennium Steel of Texas, LP (MSS) and Millennium Steel of Texas (MST) reflects Andrea's commitment to supplying essential steel processing, warehousing, and logistics services. MSS, created in 2001, serves automotive plants and parts makers, displaying the company's significance in the automotive industry. MST, founded in 2004, extends its services to warehousing, supply-chain management, slitting services, and IT system services.

Andrea's leadership at Synova Carpets, an automotive interior company within the Jackson Enterprise portfolio, highlights her ability to nurture businesses to excellence. Over the last 18 years, she has overseen the growth of Synova Carpets, proving a reputation for manufacturing automotive carpets of exceptional standard and quality.

The recognition by President Barack Obama, who visited MSS in Princeton, IN, and highlighted the Steel plant for Manufacturing Day in 2014, attests to the success and positive relationships Andrea has fostered within the industry. Beyond her business endeavors, Andrea's commitment to social, civic, and educational activities in the greater Lexington, Kentucky, and University of Kentucky communities shows her dedication to making a positive impact. Her involvement in setting up the Jamal Mashburn Endowed Scholarship Fund and contributions to the 50-year African American Legacy at the University of Kentucky highlight her commitment to education and community development.

The commitment of Andrea and Henry Jackson to family, business, and community is clear in their contributions to the success of each. Their legacy as natives of Chicago, raising their three children in Lexington, Kentucky, underscores their dedication to both personal and professional endeavors. Andrea's continued leadership and vision undoubtedly contribute significantly to the ongoing success of Jackson Enterprises and its subsidiaries.