We'll Make Sure Your Order Is Filled Accurately and On Time

We'll Make Sure Your Order Is Filled Accurately and On Time

Millennium Steel of Texas, LP supply chain management and warehouse/processing operations are powered by Opentrac Enterprise System. Opentrac Enterprise is an integrated Enterprise system developed specifically for the steel warehousing and steel processing industry. The web-based OpenTrac Enterprise system is designed to provide transaction management capabilities for processors and service centers, linking them to companies that supply and purchase their material.

Millennium Steel of Texas, LP was one of the pioneers in developing this system along with our technical partners Northrop Grumman CIS. The Opentrac system was implemented at MSS, Princeton facility in Nov 2002 and has been used to manage the supply chain and warehouse/processing operations.

Some of the advantages of Opentrac system are:

  • EDI based system, relies on EDI for populating data for all material. No data entry anywhere while receiving material.
  • Integrated Bar-coded tags, picking documents etc. generated. Use of handheld RF scanners to verify data to ensure that correct material is received, processed and shipped.
  • Location tracking using bar coded location tags throughout the warehouse.
  • Extensive reporting capability allows view of supply chain in summary and detailed manner. Reports can be scheduled, e-mailed or FTP.
  • Ability to send EDI ASN, FTP files etc. to customers.
  • Extensive EDI communications with owners of steel. Ability to send production transactions through EDI.
  • End to end tracking of all material movement through history reports.
  • Floor to floor communications - team members send EDI information without additional validation through office.
  • Built in quality and specification checking gates to ensure that wrong material is never shipped to the customer.
  • Route based system capable of handling tracking and process of both coils and blank material.
  • Capable of managing outsourcing of material to other warehouse/processing locations.
  • Integrated with MAS500 accounting system for accurate and timely inventory tracking.

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