Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Initiatives

Following the lead of our parent firm, Millennium Steel of Texas, LP (MSS) will continuously seek to implement strategies that support the long term objectives of our society and add value to our communities to achieve the following:

  • Full compliance with all government regulations that apply to our business
  • Policies and procedures which support the needs of our employees in a sensitive manner
  • Contributions to community-based organizations which enhance community services and local development initiatives
  • Procurement from Minority Business Enterprises (MBE's) which provide ownership opportunities for members of the minority community

Environmental Responsibility

Millennium Steel of Texas, LP regards the protection and nurture of the Earth's environment as a crucial management issue, as well as a strategic business direction. We will strive toward the creation of a sustainable society through our daily activities and programs for protecting the environment and in our business development activities as we seek to create and manage businesses related to recycling and energy/resource conservation.

Our goals for the environmental management program are:

  • Achieve and maintain ISO 14001 certification
  • Reduce environmental risks
  • Improve business processes from an environmental standpoint
  • Sale of environment-friendly products and services

We understand that addressing environmental issues is not just a business responsibility, but is essential for our society's existence. Therefore we will take a very proactive approach to these issues and seek to be a model of responsible corporate environmental stewardship.

Conflict mineral policy

Millennium Steel of Texas, LP exercises care to avoid the procurement, sale, or distribution of materials that are unlawful or are obtained through unethical means. MSS recognizes the issue of conflict minerals as one of the significant social issues among international supply chains; MSS strives for procurement free from conflict minerals.

MSS will continue to strive for responsible material procurement in cooperation with its suppliers by implementing a risk-based approach. MSS will take appropriate steps to discontinue procurement of these materials if their presence is detected in any of our supply chains.

Andrea M Jackson, President & Chairwoman, Millennium Steel of Texas, LP